Sunday, 27 November 2016



A part of me has always imagined that I would one day pack the back of a car with Danish rye bread and cheese and hit the wild life on the road. Aside from the fact, that I've been driving for over 4 years now (mum & dad's car back in Denmark and every now and then in London), but I still have a genuine freak out every time I'm filling petrol in the car. To this day it's still Amy (my every day partner in crime, check out our last road trip here) and my dad who take care of that side. Meanwhile, I put on some rip off wayfarers that have been lying in the glove compartment since '99 and go buy M&M's for the road - it's a tough job, honestly.

I'm back in lovely London again, and I can't tell you how excited I am about the content created in Mauritius. What a divine spot on earth, people were so kind and weather was above all charts. This is all landing on the blog soon despite the Christmas spirit taking over in a couple of days, together with some new collaborations we've been working on lately. Thanks so much for being here, reading, sharing and engaging. You're awesome!



Photos done with one and only Simon Schmidt.

Thursday, 24 November 2016



If anyone else missed out on yoga lately and is struggling to reach their toes these days (I was busy, okay), it should be a relief that I've booked us in for an intensive technology session today. Lenovo and Motorola recently invited me on a fun day to explore their new range of devices which included the Yoga Book tablet. This boy beats me big time in its backward bend due to its 360 degree hinge (down dog into wheel pose, people). It offers four different modes - type, watch, create and browse, which had me well excited and placed it as the coolest tablet I've checked out to date. The create mode is perfect for aspiring and established artists, as you can easily draw with your hand, digital stylus or a regular pen with paper and see your creations come to life on the screen. In addition to using it to draw, I've been using it to write handwritten notes on paper, which in best Inspector Gadget style gets recorded digitally at the same time. If I'd had this back in school, I would've avoided a fair bit of trouble due to the endless counts my notes would go missing. On the day spent with the Lenovo and Motorola team, we took a trip to The Royal Academy of Arts, exploring and finding inspiration for what we could sketch out on the Yoga Book to inspire a real-life painting (proof below) - snaps were captured through the Moto Z smartphone with the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod – transforming the phone's inbuilt camera to improve zoom and quality, ensuring future street cred points for the Android savvy. 


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Post done in collaboration with Lenovo

Sunday, 20 November 2016



So many things get said about perfumes, and long-brewed advice based on our grandmothers' thumb rules and women's magazines is handed out like napkins in a Happy meal. "Find one, wear one." Foreverrr. As for someone who spent her defining teenage years smelling like bio washing powder and perfume rubbed off from page 90, this rule never quite did it for me. To this day, I want something that captures me in the moment and power-poses me into my most confident self. It's more about the message I send to myself than anyone else, and should people like the scent in the air around me, that's a bonus I'll take. 

Moving on, it's a commonly known fact that faster than the concorde could take you home for Christmas, scents have a unique power to instantly transport you anywhere. More powerful than any other sense when it comes to inviting memories up for a spin, the new POP by Stella McCartney ticks all coming Christmas boxes for to me in creating new memories full of the magnetic energy behind the campaign. It gets me so excited to see such strong women as Grimes, Amandla Stenberg, Lola and Kenya Kinski-Jones as the faces of Stella McCartney's new fragrance, wherefore this campaign has me won over with its play and celebration of individuality and the healthy confidence that surrounds it.


Post done in collaboration with Stella McCartney.

Monday, 7 November 2016



Bring out the double shots and the unpolished alliterations, it's Monday again. I'm not sure I've ever shared this, but I used to run, a lot. I would run my heart out after those muted off-white meets yellow "Bent Thykjær" busses (Danish bus-company covering rural regions) that would take me to school in the neighbour village. It should have been clear back then already, that I should eventually opt for the path of being self-employed, and with this my then excellent fitness would inevitably have to drop *looks down, greets muffin-top caused by m&m's*.. Fast forward till 2016 I'll admit, being your own boss and employee, as much as I'd recommend it to everyone, it does makes it slightly more difficult to relax on weekends. I'm an ambitious boss and a horrible employee, if I have to say so myself. More than any other qualification bloggers are perceived to hold, I see myself as a photographer. I think in images, I love shooting, but then there's that fancy catch 22 of having to be in the shot. Uhm.. That one's more tricky. I always think to myself, that I'd be the perfect blogger boyfriend. There for bae, whenever she needs her hands photographed next to berry bombarded waffles. Ur welcome. First like and all.

Single as a tin of tuna in the fruit section (let's not talk about it), I rely on the generous help of cool people like Michaela, who did these shots on a beautiful day in Soho in Central London. Wearing a green ensemble featuring my Wonderba&sh t-shirt in support of breast cancer month last month and a bit of autumnal velvet, I felt all set for some Soho vibes.



Photography done by Michaela Efford.

Sunday, 6 November 2016



Second hand blazer, second day hair and those classic second day thoughts. The very definition of a Sunday for me, is its default laid back attitude to absolutely everything, and I'm going to do zero to change my pillow shaped hair and dandruffy mascara from yesterday (was going to take it off, but ya' know). Any productivity comes post 4pm, when it becomes clear that Monday follows Sunday, and being less than a week away from a) my birthday and b) next departure from London, 12 hours out of town, I'm slightly panicking about all the stuff I need to fit into the week. M&M's were on sale in Sainsbury's, and in combination with caffeine at least I know I'll be fuelled up this week to get stuff done. On that note, I hope you're having a lovely Sunday!