Tuesday, 21 February 2017


As much as last year left my brain feeling like 30p noodles, it is a somewhat miracle that we're now sitting at the end of February. Well, most of us are standing actually, and quite unvoluntarily so, but the station I hop onto the tube at rarely offers this kind of luxury. Tube seats aside, my February brought me back to Australia after almost a couple of years of not hugging my grandparents Down Under so boy, has this been due. My days of jetlag have been spent reuniting with malted milkshakes and TimTam's whilst glazing at emails through a blurry haze. Now, if you haven't tried either of these, I'm afraid I have to break it to you, that your trip Down Under is invalid. Another one to put on your list is James Turrell's amazing Sky Space at the National Gallery of Australia placed in Canberra. I won't lie to you, Australia's capital doesn't exactly have that capital buzz, unless you take out your contact lenses and put on a VR set, but it does offer that particular gem alongside some wonderful inhabitants and great coffee shops (pop to Lonsdale Street for a great selection and some top notch charity shopping).Sticking around for another couple of weeks, and I've already decided that I'm donating everything I brought with me to fill my suitcase with TimTam's to bring back to London.

Just joking...ish

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


(so here's a givaway!)

I'm going to reel it right back in. With the high of Valentine's I'm suggesting one final take on it before the day actually hits us, and to those with dry lips and a thing for garlic, good news: it involves no kissing. No love comes without self love, and I've teamed up with Danish jewellery favourite Jane Kønig to give away one of their beautiful Love Tag necklaces such as the one I'm wearing here, engraved with a letter of your choice. Whether you celebrate Valentine's or not, today is as good a day as any for the declaration of love. Keep it as a self tribute, as we so rarely stop up and remember to give credit to ourselves, or give it to someone dear who deserves it, but let it be a celebration of love and may there be many more of these in your year.


Leave a comment below and / or on the Instagram I've uploaded with this post, all you have to do is leave your email and the letter you wish - it would be incredible if you shared a story of when you felt truly loved (just because I live vicariously through other people's stories). The winner will be contacted this week directly, hope you'll love the necklace as much as I do!



Post done in collaboration with Jane Kønig. Creative direction Sarah Mikaela.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017



( Ya' don't need it anymore. )

Intelligent and adaptable, our world is rapidly coming up with solutions to create intuitive products to improve our everyday lives. This post is about one I've been happy to encounter, so get ready to meet a beautiful lovechild between your everyday wardrobe and your gym clothes: introducing ADAY curated by JIGSAW. You don't know until you know, but these pieces will adapt to match what you want them to do. Now, I did try to get mine to order me take-away, but alas, they wanted me to be healthy and didn't even respond.. Designed to feel like an everyday wardrobe, yet using the most technologically advanced fabrics available, from the most innovative manufacturers in the field (Portugal, US and the UK), the entire collection can take you from work, looking as sharp as always and then straight to the gym afterwards. I run between meetings, shoots and yoga in my everyday, and due to the nature of my work, I always leave the house with my life stuffed into a bag - FIY, I was not born with the same flair as Mary Poppins, and my shoulders and umbrella know. Worn on its own or paired with your everyday wardrobe, these pieces will love you like you've never been loved. And what I've loved most about working on this, is how the women behind the collection have stated, that they designed this for themselves. Good thing it benefits  the rest of us too.


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Post done in collaboration with ADAY curated by JIGSAW, photography done with incredible assistance from Amy Barrie.

Monday, 6 February 2017



February brings on that sweet arrival of Saint Valentine's, and where the previous years may have brought you lemons, this one my friends shall have wings. To Feb 14th Sarah anno 2016 sat in bed at a Brooklyn Air bnb binge watching Friends I say: drop that box of Krispy Kremes, because this year we'll be flying. Literally though, I'll be well on my way to Australia, and perfectly matched for this occasion is Roger Vivier's beautiful Love Tattoo collection. If their shoes, now led under creative director Bruno Frisoni, are good enough to dress the Queen for her coronation day back in 1953, not to mention the elegance, who was Grace Kelly, they sure will be more than good enough for me this Valentine's.

With everything twisting and turning at the moment, I don't think we can have "LOVE" written enough places. It takes many different meanings depending on sender and context, but one thing's for sure, it can never inspires negative connotations. Much like the type of street art which inspired this collection, love is everywhere to be found, be it romantic or a different kind of love. It is the one thing that needs no excuse and needs no validation.


The WOnder that isYOU



Post done in collaboration with Roger Vivier, with photographic assistance from the incredible David Nyanzi and Simon Bradley.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017



I love how we are all made up of contrasts, however external or internal these may be. I remember the first time this thought first came to my mind. I was 15 and we had just moved from rural countryside Denmark into Copenhagen - however small it may seem in comparison to the giant cities around the world, compared to the village I came from that housed 2000 people in total, it was the big city. On the first day of starting a new school, I met Emilie. I'd been introduced to everyone else that day, but Emilie arrived halfway in, and I had thereby met the final member of my class. Stunning blonde girl, well dressed and well accessorised (anyone who masters that one, gets a medal in my book). Now you may be thinking girl next door, but she was and continues to be so much more than that. 

In the beginning we had a My Fair Lady relationship, and she Higgins'ed me right into the ways of the capital, resulting in the way I speak Danish now. Bonding over avocado on my kitchen floor, I discovered how many contrasts this girl was made up of. Looks like a pretty girl, beats the guys in gaming. Knows about every Beatles and Queen song, yet listened to all spectrums of rock. Well spoken and intelligent, yet I know no one who can pull a silly card as this one. We have an onion incident. Nachos incidents (the plurality of this should be amplified). Photobombed several people's photos with our prrrty faces, and speaking of face, she was there post my jaw-surgery with my favourite no-chew dessert, not caring much about the drooling hamster I'd morphed into.

I want you to look for the flamingo in the next photo. Not a common sight in the London scene as much as Californian swimming pools, but nevertheless he's more than perfect, breaking the idea of norms in what you'd spot in a Marylebone window. This is going to come off as corny, and if I ever write a book, this will not make its way into it, but in life: don't be afraid to be all that you are - be the flamingo. Please.