Saturday, 30 September 2017

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but rubies are her secret. They have a certain mystery attached to their deep red colour and prove an unbeaten timelessness by living on past their store guarantee. There's a certain air of romance, empowerment and magnetism, and so using this gem as an inspiration for a fragrance, as with Michael Kors' latest Sexy Ruby, just makes for one of those perfect matches. I always find it a tricky one to convey a scent accurately, as scent so strongly plays on your personal memories and so this scent to me, merging sweet tones of apricot and raspberry with deeper more earthy notes of cashmere woods, brings me right back to summers in Denmark.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael back in July, where he dressed Tatler's English Roses for a photo series displayed at the Saatchi gallery. We spoke about Sexy Ruby that had just launched, where he mentioned that the fragrance was a source of confidence for women, and female strength and their power were part of the inspiration. Combined in this post are a few shots from their cocktail party at Tate Modern in London last week, where I got to meet some of the incredible muses behind the fragrance, Soo Joo Park, Serayah McNeill and Martha Hunt. All powerful women, it only gave me more respect for the brand and the beautiful fragrance that has come from it.

Sarah Mikaela Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Fragrance

Post done in collaboration with Michael Kors, photos assisted by always awesome Amy Barrie.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Sarah Mikaela Striped Balenciaga Bag In Soho
Sarah Mikaela Selfridges Somewhere In Soho Calligraphy


There's that one version of yourself. You know, that lightning of confidence 
that decides to pass your sky every new moon? I swear when the feeling comes by me, I always mistake it as a delivery meant for the girl next door, who's an actual model (zigzagging her way through Soho and Mayfair for castings), but I try not to ask too many questions when it arrives at my door and just embrace it as my own. With the arrival of Balenciaga at Selfridges in the heart of London, I've discovered that anything Balenciaga has you going straight to that feeling, and being someone who idolises Mary Poppins' bottomless bag, this XL striped Balenciaga Tote bag of goodness fits my ideal of the perfect designer bag as well as Angelina Jolie's face fits 
Fibonacci's golden ratio.

London is one of the most vibrant and dynamic places I know, and whilst you can be in the classiest surroundings of Selfridges, venturing just a 20 minute walk up Oxford Street and into Soho, you never quite know what you'll come across. Known as a hub for the liberal, the creative and its endless extravaganza, Soho reels you in with its range of colours and construction stripes regardless of which hour you visit it in (also, they famously hub some of the best coffee here - explore!).

Sarah Mikaela Blue Balenciaga Bag Soho
Sarah Mikaela Balenciaga Selfridges Tote Bag
Sarah Mikaela London Sign

Sarah Mikaela Balenciaga Tote Bag London Selfridges
Sarah Mikaela Balenciaga Bag Soho Selfridges
Sarah Mikaela Balenciaga Bag Soho

Post sponsored by Selfridges x Balenciaga, photos assisted by the patient and wonderful Amy Barrie.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Sarah Mikaela Lavish Alice

Lately* I've been getting myself more and more into package deals. Everything from adding the extra luggage and anything-that-can-go-wrong insurance to having starters with mains with dessert. "All at once, yes". I call it the 'Happy Meal Effect', revealing the fact that once we ran out of rye bread and bean paté on the backseat of all those high-way journeys from Denmark to X-Y-Z European country, the drive thru was my dawg. *We were it's dawg.. doesn't matter..

*Meaning the past year, as we all know 2017 has been a complete sneeze.

Lavish Alice has become my classy package deal, thereby meaning that I know as soon as I've landed on the site, I'll find something where I won't need to worry about a million ways I need to style it or incorporate it with my current wardrobe. The outfits and dresses all pull together for effortless looks, like this white, tight, flare sleeved goodie of a dress worn in this post. It has the right dosage of loud and simple, Scandinavian but enough Samba to keep the party fun. I've been getting dresses to wear for weddings (although I'm keeping my hands off the white for those), and if you take a look through the li'l widget I've put together below, you'll spot a wide legged pink jumpsuit which is another recent addition to my wardrobe, to be worn soon.


Let's get dressed.

Sponsored by Lavish Alice & Shopstyle, opinions are as always genuine! Photos done with Amy Barrie.

Monday, 28 August 2017


F rom one Scandinavian port to the next, dressed in the shade of the weather. To tell the truth, grey isn't one of my favourite colours to wear, as much as everyone keeps talking about how many shades it has, they all seem a bit like they haven't quite decided what they're up to. Much like me now at 24 on a Friday night. But when it comes pinstriped on a suit, paired with a bit of wide heeled silver Isabel Marant action worn in perky Stockholm, don't mind me if I do. This August meant a hop, skip and a jump to two of my favourite Scandinavian cities, first Stockholm and then Copenhagen. Generously invited to the first mentioned and pictured by one of my favourite hair care brands Maria Nila, I had 24 hours to enjoy a piece of the Stockholm summer, staying at gorgeous Hotel Diplomat right by the harbour. Much recommended for the afternoon sunlight we arrived to, and it's voluminous umbrellas we needed the following day.

Photos done together with the lovely Brittany Bathgate.

Monday, 14 August 2017


I find myself in CPH around this time of year due to the fashion week, but to be completely honest with you, it's a welcomed excuse to be back in this city. My home for 5 years until settling down in London, many of you already know, but it's managed to completely renovate its infrastructure in the 4 years I've been gone. Note: I've been kicked out of the bus twice(!), with no-where to touch up my rejsekort - this is the Danish capital's travel card, equivalent to London's Oyster Card, Melbourne's Myki etc. etc. - I've found my daily average step count going to a number, shouldn't be legal. If you don't have a bike here, you might as well prepare yourself. You shall be confused and you shall walk. A lot. That said, this place remains beautiful, pleasing both when it comes to its food, architecture, interior, aesthetics and the fact that evrrrybody looks like they're signed to a model agency. 

VINTAGE blazer



Photos done together with cool cat Stine Mo