Thursday, 28 December 2017


Framboise Fashion Louboutin Pumps

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. After retrieving back to Denmark for some much needed snoozing and cosy-time with the family, I'm loving going over the projects that have passed through Framboise Fashion this year. But what is a good end of the year (and a celebration of the site's 9th anniversary today) without a post to move away from 2017 on a wave of good energy...

Keeping this in mind, I'm introducing you to Tornade Blonde. You know me as much of a fragrance addict. From going through my high-school years using testers one of my best friends Emilie collected, to now be as fortunate as to get to explore so many scents, their making and not least their makers, this leaves me no short of excited to share this one with you. Every fragrance starts with a story, so let me tell you about this one, created by a master of our time, Christian Louboutin.

Framboise Fashion Giovanni Raspini Starfish Earrings
Framboise Fashion Louboutin Tornade Blonde Closeup
Framboise Fashion Louboutin Photography

he is powerful. Compelling. Seductive. 

Lighting the fire at the party, she doesn't need much but her confidence - it could come in handy when she unleashes the pun-jokes, but a dangerous darling nevertheless. Scents of amber with notes of spicy patchouli, the sweet tonka absolute and iris.

Framboise Fashion Louboutin Bank Station
Framboise Fashion Louboutin London Vintage Car
Framboise Fashion Louboutin
Framboise Fashion Louboutin London Zakee ShariffFramboise Fashion Louboutin Giovanni Raspini
Framboise Fashion Louboutin London Post

Framboise Fashion Louboutin Pumps Star Dress
Framboise Fashion Louboutin Starry Dress


Post done for Christian Louboutin. Assistance by ISABELLA TOMBINSKI-ROBB.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


With Christmas lunches and dinners lining up like the self-check-outs in Sainsbury's, and the December to-do's exponentially multiply manifesting themselves into endless half-scribbled, yet intricately over-detailed lists, it can sometimes prove hard to have moments purely to un-wind for yourself. It's sometimes only takes a gentle hint to bring us in the mindset of self-care and self-generosity, which easily gets overlooked in the midst of it all. To me it comes as a light reminder, in the shape of a hard soap such as the lovely Jean-Marie Farina from Roger Gallet used in the daily morning soak releasing top notes of citrus or as a cologne I wear throughout the day, introducing the Ververine Utopie.

I fully admit to having a borderline obsessive collection of perfumes that'll capture my mood, and cologne offers a different scent experience and is a lighter way of wearing your fragrance. Depending on the day, it'll be on my clothes, in my hair or on my wrists. Everyone their rituals, but I believe in core staples, and the notes from the Ververine Utopie plays beautifully into that.

Ververine Utopie
Drawing on notes from cedar wood and absinthe, the Ververine Utopie is a cologne that uniquely embraces the masculine and feminine, for a light but supremely characteristic trademark.


Post done in collaboration with ROGER GALLET, All opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


W hen I was 5, I pulled out a rolled up green slip of paper from a pool of green slips in a local raffle, with every bit of excitement unrolling it with the size of hopes of someone who had just watched the giant flying dog in Never Ending Story, I didn't know my luck, when I opened it to find that it was... blank.

The raffle maestro handed over the tiniest porcelain pig with a four leaved clover and a lady bug painted on each side, and a cotton string to have it around my neck to bring me luck another time. That little medallion, made it to every single test or exam afterwards, holding on to the firm belief it was lucky, made me stronger for it. For this reason, the Talisman collection from incomparable DE BEERS resonated with me. For the reason, that it has the same air of being a symbol of something as fortunate and meaningful, as well as having its unique value displayed in a collection of rough diamonds different in both shape and colour, enhancing the rarity and luxury that only a diamond can. 

Magic happens in the unexpected, and DE BEERS let us in behind the scenes, showing us how diamonds come in as many varieties as the personalities of the people who end up wearing them. Both in colour, shape and clarity, only selecting the finest, they break down the fixed idea most of us have in what a diamond looks like. 

STEP INTO the Limelight.


Post done in collaboration with DE BEERS, assistance by ISABELLE TOMBINSKI-ROBB, special thanks to HOTEL CAFĂ© ROYAL

Friday, 1 December 2017


T here's nothing like when we get to partake in inspiring conversations within our respectable industries, and learn from the skilled individuals and masters paving the way. Business of Fashion is a hub that shares anything within the creative world of fashion, and have with their event #BoFVOICES extended it beyond their invite-only walls, to wherever you may be wanting to be the fly on the wall for the words and wisdom from speakers such as Carine Roitfeld, Dapper Dan, Dries Van Noten and Karlie Kloss. We've been so thrilled to be able to share this live stream on FF, and hope you will tune in and be as inspired as we are!


Monday, 13 November 2017


T here are a few sharp indicators for me, that something won't just make it into my wardrobe, but will be pieces that I cherish and use over and over again. It's a matter of quality and consistency in it's style and compatibility with my current wardrobe, and days of just relentlessly filling my wardrobe with clothes for the sake of someday, potentially, having the right moment to bring it out, seem to be over. REISS has been a go to of somewhat soulmate like standards, in terms of wardrobe compatibility, so when they asked me to pick out my favourites in an online edit from their current A/W17 collection, it was the most natural thing ever.

Rewind a couple of weeks, and we had the best day of shooting in a studio in London. There was a grey hound, a team that could make soggy salad look fresh and about the BEST coffee / cardamom muffin  I've ever had. Being on set and talking everything Autumn Winter and London (resulting in a little London guide to sharing my favourite spots here), made it such a fun day for someone who's used to working alone.



Post done in collaboration with REISS, photos assisted by Tom and Jonna.