Saturday, 12 January 2013


Ruby Woo. An absolute go-to for gorgeous red lips in the best vintage-style. It's a matte formula gives an incredible finish, making it my favorite red lipstick. However, do not layer it! Because of the matte formula, it will become cakey if you do so. Also, this lipstick does not go together with Lipcote.

You know me. I'm all in when it comes to lipsticks. I made a little line of photos and tips on my absolute favorite lip products. If you feel curios, see more after the jump!

The runner up in being my favorite red lipstick is Lime Crime's Retrofuturist. It's a creamy and very deep and glamorous red. To me it's the red used for cartoon heroines. Lime Crimes lipstick generally has that quality, and it's quite fun to play around with.

I am crazy about neat storing of all my cosmetics, and I'm so happy with this (super cheap) lipstick stand from Søstrene Grenes. 

Now introducing another brand, I'm quite happy to use. French-based Oriflame. Their formulas are really creamy and lovely, so whenever I use these, I don't use lip balm beforehand. Needless to say, that I love the packaging!

Let's talk about another colour I adore wearing on my lips. Purple! Again, the Lime Crime one is really purple in an almost comical way, which is really fun. Because of the red bottom notes in MAC's Up the Amp, it's much more wearable in daily use. But both favorites!

Another purple lipstick is Oriflame's Dark plum. It's a gorgeous deep berry colour, but honestly a bit too dark for my quite fair skin. I can imagine this being great on a tanned girl.

This one might not be a lipstick, but it's one of my favorite beauty products and it's often the base before putting on lipstick. I've got this lip balm stocked up, and it's been a loyal product of mine for 8 years.

I adore fluorescent lipcolours, and Topshop's Clueless Lip Stick is fantastic! Simply for the colour. I'm not a big fan of having to sharpen it and losing product in that way, but for the sake of the colour, I'll put up with it. For going out, a thing that'll make sure your lipstick stays put is Lipcote which in Denmark is available in Urban Outfitters. It stings, so be careful. I'm pretty sure it's the same if you were to put hairspray on your lips, I wouldn't really recommend it, but it works.

Last but not least, my everyday heroes. No. 1 from left is such a gorgeous colour, and the fact that my Oriflame lipsticks are so creamy, make them perfect for everyday use. The Topshop lipstick furthest to the right is a lipstick I bought when I went to London. I'm mad for the colour causing me to buy this on stock as well, as I thought it wasn't available in Denmark. Turns out you can ;)

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Unfortunately, I'm sick at the moment.. 



  1. I absolutely adore the 'lime crime' and 'oriflame' one :) how did you choose your red lipstick? I've always wanted one but I don't know what shade to suit my skin and then there's all this other stuff about undertones :P

    1. I know your frustration, and really I'm no expert on this. What I do however is go to a make-up store and ask the shop-assistants for help. :) A lot of them are make-up artists or people who have quite good training on the field, and it really is a great help! Let me know what happens, I hope you find a good one, dear! :)

  2. i absolutely adore your lipstick choices, I am obsessed with lip products, especially from MAC, will definitely look out for the ones you showed in the store :) xx

  3. Love this post! I'm a sucker for lipstick too, I've bought MAC Russian Red a year ago to wear on 'special occasions', but I feel naked with some colour on my lips! I'm going to London in a few weeks so I'll definitely grab some Topshop lipstick when I'm there!
    I also find Rimmel lipstick quite good(don't know if it's available in your country, but Asos sells them too)
    And how cool is your lipstick stand? I need one of those :)

  4. up the amp is wonderful! i love purple lips on you!

  5. The lipsticks from Lime Crime is gorgeous.


  6. I'm in love with lipsticks too! Your collection seems to be amazing!

  7. love this outfit! your blog is amazing.

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  8. I absolutely love MAC lipsticks, the quality is fantastic and the colours are beautiful - love Ruby Woo! Never tried Lime Crime lippys before...think I will have to sample though :)

    Eda ♥

  9. I love lipsticks. Still looking for perfect one :)

  10. Lipstick is the bessst! My Mum just sent me MAC's Ruby Woo for Christmas.
    I also think you would really love their Russian Red ;)

    For dark purple's I also have MAC's Hang-Up & Media. So good!

  11. Sikke en lækker gennemgang af dine favoritter. Jeg er helt pjattet med læbestifter - specielt dem fra Mac og Oriflame, og jeg er netop på jagt efter en knadlrød favorit. Lige en lille rettelse: Oriflame er svensk (og pt. med hovedsæde i Luxembourg) :-)

    Kh Katrine

  12. Great selection! I am a lipstick girl myself and love discovering new shades. :-)
    xo, Christina

  13. your lips deserve any colour coz they are just perfect!



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