Tuesday, 14 February 2017


(so here's a givaway!)

I'm going to reel it right back in. With the high of Valentine's I'm suggesting one final take on it before the day actually hits us, and to those with dry lips and a thing for garlic, good news: it involves no kissing. No love comes without self love, and I've teamed up with Danish jewellery favourite Jane Kønig to give away one of their beautiful Love Tag necklaces such as the one I'm wearing here, engraved with a letter of your choice. Whether you celebrate Valentine's or not, today is as good a day as any for the declaration of love. Keep it as a self tribute, as we so rarely stop up and remember to give credit to ourselves, or give it to someone dear who deserves it, but let it be a celebration of love and may there be many more of these in your year.


Leave a comment below and / or on the Instagram I've uploaded with this post, all you have to do is leave your email and the letter you wish - it would be incredible if you shared a story of when you felt truly loved (just because I live vicariously through other people's stories). The winner will be contacted this week directly, hope you'll love the necklace as much as I do!



Post done in collaboration with Jane Kønig. Creative direction Sarah Mikaela.


  1. The most loved I feel when people make me a cup of tea, when they know you so well that they do not need to ask you if you would like a cuppa and just bring you one, because they love you. My email - winterinadream@gmail.com

  2. Gorgeous!


  3. I think the most beloved moment I felt is when I realized that I lost a very important card once, I was very frustrated. But an hour later, a girl in my school came to my class to give me back my card, she was gasping and then I realized that she must have looked for me in the whole school for a long time! She just said,"finally I found you, here'Shere's your card." and all I can say is "thank you", I didn't even know her name. My email address is: suacrbah@gmail.com Thank you Sarah. Love ❤

  4. The most loved I felt was when my family and friends suprised me with a graduation party. email: lium3@yahoo.com

  5. So beautiful and delicate!


  6. lovely necklace.


  7. I would like the letter M. My email is mahditanoshi@gmail.com

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  9. Lovely shoot .. I think now when I finish my yoga practice and have realized all the love I seeked was really inside me, and the strength of my body, that's when I've truly felt the connection between me and others.
    Thank you for the reminder,



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  12. Letter: "A" // Email: anniepark@outlook.com

    My story: Hi Sarah, lovely blog post as always! I would have to say that the most beloved moment in my life was when I lost my favorite book in the whole wide world. I always write down my name and my address (talk about clumsy!) inside my books because I always lose them or forget them somewhere.

    Fast forward: I was thinking about something else and left my book in the metro. I was literally so sad because I had highlighted all my favorite quotes and the book had so much meaning....

    Fast forward 5 months: I see a package..... I open it....... I SEE MY BOOK WITH A NOTE (i was freaking out).. the note read: "Thank you for letting me read this wonderful book. It had me in tears. I just wanted to return this back to you. .... and I hope you leave more books in the metro!"
    I have never felt this happiness from a complete stranger and also I felt love within my community. :))

  13. Such a beautiful necklace. I would love the letter V on mine!


    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  14. Love your style! Beautiful pics. Love delicate jewelry. Would love the letter B.

  15. justynab88@yahoo.pl

    Utterly love it Mikaela <3

    Letter 'T'

  16. Such a beautiful necklace!
    "J" jessicablublog@gmail.com


  17. patriciafabi2@gmail.com


    I always feel loved on Christmas day.. it may sounds cheesy, but it's true! I think you feel loved the most when you can love back just as much :-) xxx

  18. Letter "L" - mail: mollythanhhang@gmail.com

    My love story I wanna share:

    My mother advises me that I should get married with the one who loves me with his whole heart, and his love will sail the family through storms to build us a strong and solid family in the future. His capability is to take care of me and our future together. As the oldest daughter in a family, I trust her, and believe in the same value. In the past, although she had refused some of my past love stories, I still strongly believed that deep down in her heart, she had always wished me to meet the right man who had loved me unconditionally and passionately.


    After getting through the both bitterness and sweetness in romance, my broken heart was peacefully returned. I had a chance to enrich my life soulfully such as meeting new inspiring people, exploring new places, and doing the things I never did before.

    When I least expected, things amazingly happened. As any friends I randomly met in my life, he was one of them, by a chance he stood out differently to help me finish a promise to another friend. Since then…

    On the plain computer screen in which we talked and shared our stories at the first place, I hardly could explain why my feeling was growing harder and stronger toward him. My heart beat faster, my stomach grew butterfly. Every first sensation was chemically connected between us.

    His aloofness and mystery drew my attention and attracted me greatly. For how much I cared about him and his unique personality, he was very sensitive and emotionally attached to realize the feeling between us. I love how his sophistication and smartness caught my interest and caring toward him. My instinct helped me to realize his existence; and the heart knew its own rhythm. At the moment, I know he is the one who changes my view about men and love, the one whom I truly have a strong feeling. Openly my heart trusts and loves him, even there were my chances in the past my heart did not recognize him.

    Sitting in a small coffee shop, drinking a cup of hot tea, the date had more meanings than I expected. I glanced and gently smiled at him. Sitting next to him brought me the feeling of peacefulness and tranquility that no one ever did before. The atmosphere was so special and lovable. On the first date, I knew the right man came across my path, since then I know my life would completely change and appreciate how lucky, powerful my life was to meet him.

    There was such a moment I was very doubtful and willing to give up before his love confession to me. I was uncertain about my hideous emotion and feeling. There was also a moment I lost my belief in love or love my life again due to the unpleasant experience and broken-heart in the past. He is the one who makes me believe in destiny. Everything in our lives is relative, nothing is absolutely right. Therefore, we just have to believe we are exceptions and not to lose our hopes in order to live happily, cheerfully every moment in our lives.

    "Since you have chosen me as the love of your life, you are giving me a shoulder to cry on. We will walk together during both the good and hard time, finding the ways we both fit and adapt into each other perfectly, even how different and similar our personalities are. We will help each other to get through the hardship; we will both share the joy and sorrow. When the hard time comes, we can comfort each other and forgive our mistakes and distinguished characters. I truly believe that all pieces come to the end; life is always wonderful, fair and happily ever….

    Tomorrow is another day. At an airport, people say hellos and goodbyes with the mixed emotions of excitement and exhaustion. Honey, I know you will leave the place, and then you will return with the love. Our new journey has just begun..."

  19. Beautiful!


  20. love it! <3

  21. beautiful photos x


  22. Absolutely stunning!


  23. 'Dry lips and a love for garlic' haha!!




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